The Oz Affiliate needs to give back to the community – Do you need help with your online journey?

give back

Monthly FREE Business Builder

Once (sometimes twice) a month, I help young aspiring Entrepreneurs in their business endeavours by giving back to my community.
Usually I charge for the services I provide, but I also need to Give Back!

Sometimes I will make up a business plan, Maybe some coaching, Advertising, Marketing ideas,
Graphic Design, Build their Sales Funnels, sometimes even the whole lot!

From the 1st of EVERY month.. I will start accepting applications.

All you need to do is tell me!!

Tell me about yourself. Your online Journey.  Your aspirations for world domination!

If your application is successful..I will work directly with you to boost your online journey and take your Business to the next level!

What if you had, TAILOR MADE to your specifications…

  • Custom Domain name
  • Built and Customized Sales Funnel
  • It all hosted on my own personal account for you
  • Set up an email capture page so you can build your very own marketing list – this will be your very own list to do with as you please
  • Assistance with Marketing and Low Cost Advertising ideas
  • SEO tips and techniques

We will work together to boost YOUR business!!

Obviously I can’t carry you through life forever.. So what happens when you are up and running ??

I will give you the tools, the know-how and the support to head off on your online journey alone!
The Sales Funnels we build, all get transfered over to your own hosting account. They are yours.. FREE!
Your EVEN get to keep your own e-mail list of customers. This is the community YOU built!

So what are you waiting for? Send me your application and lets get your online journey started!

Application Criteria:

I would love to introduce you to the world of Sales Funnels.
Gone are the days of static web pages.. I will show you the latest way to build, market and promote your online business.

Be an Entrepreneur, Online or Affiliate Marketer, Small Business, Retail Store, Sole Trader or similar.
I DO NOT work with large businesses in this type of format as they have lots of money to pay.
In this format, I want to help the little guy! The Start up! The Entrepreneur!

Have a product or service that you sell or represent. And you must be passionate about it!

Be willing to WORK HARD to achieve your goals. Nothing comes easy! But IT DEFINATELY IS WORTH IT!

This is open to ALL ages (over 18). If you’re 60… Keen and passionate about starting up your own online business… I WANT TO HELP YOU!

How to enter:

E-mail me direct


Submit to me directly your application.

Be sure to include your Name and E-mail and existing website.
Go ahead and outline to me your Business, Your book, your Affiliate program, whatever it is you’re into..
even if its not up and running yet, send me your ideas..

Let’s work together to get your business online, running and off to a flying start.

Tell me all about yourself, what you love to do.. We really need to capture your personality showcase that to the world.

Outline in detail how you think “The Oz Affiliate” can help you and your business.
This is NOT an opportunity to stroke my ego and win brownie points, rather I need to know where you are struggling?
Where do you need and want some help to really boost your own online endeavours..

This is about winning. This is about attracting visitors to your site through advertising campaigns and targeted SEO.
This is about CONVERTING those visitors into SALES.
Then through continuously staying engaged with your community, we will utilize your very own marketing list,
and continue selling to your existing customers.

So take some time, have a think.. and send me your application!
I personally read EVERY SINGLE application submitted.
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Earning an income Online, really is the most rewarding work out there in this day and age.

No boss to answer to.
Work from Anywhere you want.
Spend as much time with your family as you need.

Best of luck and I will see you online!

Matty Mac

Giving back to the community

The Oz Affiliate

Maybe you dont want my help directly.
If your looking for an affiliate program you can make good money with, thewn head straight to >>>

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And travel through this amazing journey at your own pace!

You have my very best wishes and I hope you succeed!